Other Purity Tests

The objective of the Canadian Grade process is to have the seed grader be allowed to assign a grade to pedigreed seed in the United States for marketing in Canada. This grading is done on several crops. The amount of seed required to perform the purity varies.  Please contact us before sending a sample to be sure it is adequate.

The Visual Test is to provide a numerical rating for the overall appearance of a submitted seed sample. Examples of evaluated characteristics can include: disease, treatment coverage, seed coat condition, splits, insect damage, etc. This test is most commonly conducted on soybeans and corn. 

The process of Seed Count/per pound determines how many seeds per pound are in a specific lot or batch of seed. This test is performed by request on corn, soybeans and small grains.

The objective of the Test Weight process is to determine the test weight of the seed in the submitted sample. This test is done on wheat, oats and barley. 

A Moisture Content is completed to determine approximate moisture content of the lot of seed tested. This test is completed on soybeans, corn, wheat, oats and barley.