Sand Germination

When Should I Use This Test?
The objective of the sand germination test is essentially the same as the rolled towel germination test.  It is an alternative that can provide additional information for seed lots that may have experienced mechanical damage or pathogen problems.

What Technique is Used?  
400 seeds are placed embryo down on a layer of sand in a try and grown out for 6 days at 25°C (77°F).  Seedlings are evaluated according to the rules outlined in the AOSA Handbook and any occurence of disease or particular condition is noted.

What Do the Results Mean?  
Results are reported as a percentage, which represents the number of seedlings categorized as normal out of the 400 seed test. During analysis, the technician records the number of normal, abnormal and dead seedlings. A good sand germ result is 93% or higher.

View the Sand Test Process: