Seed Testing

Our seed testing procedures are performed according to the rules developed by the Association of Official Seed Analyst (AOSA). ICIA tests corn, soybeans, legumes, forages, cereals, grasses, vegetables, and native species.

Warm Germination

A test used to determine how well the seed will perform under ideal growing conditions. Seedlings are evaluated according to the AOSA rules and are classified as normal, abnormal and dead. A minimum of 400 seeds is required for an AOSA official test. This test is required for labeling purposes.

Vigor Testing

Vigor testing determines the percentage of normal seedlings grown under an adverse condition. Seed vigor testing provides seed quality information beyond the warm germination test that can directly relate to field performance. This test is not required for labeling purposes.

Physical Purity

Physical purity test determines the proportion of pure seed, inert, weed seed, and other crop by weight in percentage. A minimum of 2,500 seeds is required for an AOSA official test.  This test is required for labeling purposes.

Noxious Weed Exam

Analysis that examines a sample of 25,000 seeds to determine the presence of noxious weed seeds. This exam is based on the federal all-states noxious weed seed lists or specified by individual states. This test is required for labeling purposes.

Herbicide Bioassay

A bioassay test that is simple, inexpensive and accurate way to screen for trait confirmation. This test determines tolerant and intolerant seedlings in a seed lot for a specific herbicide trait.

Other Testing Services

ICIA offers fluorescence for oats & ryegrass, soybean hilum checks, seed counts, moisture, test weight, seed treatment, color sorting, bulk seed sizing, tetrazolium and waxy testing. We also staff Canadian Seed Graders that assigns a grade to pedigree seed in the United States for marketing in Canada.

Seed Certification

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Customized Services & QA

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