Trait Purity Testing

When Should I use this Test?

Enzyme Linked Immuno Sorbent Assay (ELISA) is used to determine the presence of a given trait or traits in a sample seed lot.  Results may be reported as qualitative or quantitative.

What Technique is Used?

ELISA based tests rely on a pre-coated plate which binds the biotech protein from extracted seed or leaf sample. The biotech protein is then recognized by a protein conjugate. The bound conjugate will enzymatically produce a color change when the substrate is added. Several stacked traits can be detected by a two-step protocol which represents a cost savings to customers. Samples are quantitatively scored out of 90 individual seeds. Results are returned as a percentage of 90 seeds which tested positive for the trait in question. A “pass” or “fail” is also indicated per trait provider requirements for easy scoring by the customer.

Products currently tested at ICIA are listed below. If you require testing for a product not listed, please contact Emily Dierking, PhD at or 866.899.2518.


  • Genuity® SmartStax®
  • Genuity® VT TriplePRO®
  • Genuity® VT DoublePRO®
  • YieldGard® Corn Borer
  • YieldGard® Rootworm
  • HERCULEX® Corn Borer
  • HERCULEX® Rootworm
  • Agrisure Artesian®
  • Agrisure® Corn Borer
  • Agrisure® Rootworm
  • Agrisure® Viptera® 3110 & 3111
  • Agrisure® Viptera®
  • Agrisure Duracade®