Mycotoxin Testing

Mycotoxins are a proven health hazard in food and feed products.  Accurate identification and quantification of toxins in a seed lot is important to many companies. 

ICIA offers detection methods for the following toxins, with indicated lower and upper limits of detection.

  • Aflatoxin             lower limit: 2.5 ppb          upper limit: 30 ppb
  • B1 Aflatoxin        lower limit: 2.0 ppb          upper limit: 50 ppb
  • Fumonison          lower limit: 0.2 ppm         upper limit: 6 ppm
  • DON                    lower limit: 0.25 ppm       upper limit: 5.0 ppm
  • Zearalenone        lower limit: 40 ppb           upper limit: 1000 ppb
  • Ochratoxin          lower limit: 2 ppb              upper limit: 40 ppb

                    [Mycotoxin Structure Schematic]

ICIA utilizes both ELISA plate and lateral flow strip technology to detect the presence of toxins.  The lateral flow strips are quantitatively analyzed by the Envirologix QuickScan system. 

All results are the result of three independent replications and are quantitative.